Dunning service

Every company has unpaid invoices. Metaregistrar can assist your company in getting these invoices paid while keeping a good relationship with your customer.

Our comprehensive and flexible dunning service can remind your customer with a friendly or stern message, all with a compliance to local laws on how to communicate with your customer.

Flexible payment options for your customer give the biggest chance that invoices will actually be paid. We can offer any payment option, from the dutch iDeal to creditcard, paypal or direct debit.

Flexible procedure

Our dunning service can remind customers via e-mail, letter or text message.

Each message sent is highly customizable in your look and feel, and to comply with local law.

Collection agency

If every reminder fails, our dunning can activate a collection agency to get your invoice paid. Our collection agency has information on millions of consumers and companies, and knows their payment profile.


You want to know the status of the payment of your invoice. Our system can call your system back, not only when a payment is made, but on every step of the way.