Domain Name System (DNS)

Every website, every mailserver, every service on the internet needs an IP address. The Domain Name Service (DNS) is the ‘telephone book’ that conveniently converts your domain name to an IP address.

But just like internet servers, the DNS services can also be attacked by malicious actors. Our DNS service is hardened against all sorts of attacks. For those domain names that must be up and running at all times without a hiccup, we offer premium DNS for a small yearly fee.

All types of records

The Domain Name System already exists for many years, but is still subject to change. Our system supports all types of DNS records that are currently described in the DNS RFC’s

Premium DNS

For heavy users of our DNS service, we offer a premium DNS service. This consists of a large network of anycast nodes, that is not only always-up, but also resilient against large scale DDOS attacks.

Control panel and API

For a single domain name, you can make DNS changes via our control panel. Do you manage a large portfolio, then our REST API will help you make DNS changes on many domains.