We are not just another registrar. We are used to serving businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let us take care of your domain portfolio!

ICANN accredited registrar

Straight from the source

Our easy to use and modern web-interface registers and maintains your domain names. You can also use our standarised EPP interface. Simple processes mean you can easily register any TLD available and keep your focus on your own business.

Portfolio Management

Handling a domain name portfolio can get troublesome. Metaregistrar handles everything in one place, even the most exotic extensions.

We’re used to handeling every size portfolio and do this for even the largest of clients.


Our hosting solutions fit your business. We provide single-site hosting for small business, but also whitelabelled hosting for large hosting companies. On a daily basis we keep tens of thousands of websites up and running for our customers.


No website without DNS. Our domain names come with free DNS, but we also provide premium DNS services for a small fee per year. 

Our premium DNS consists of a worldwide anycast network of DNS nodes.


Every company has unpaid invoices. Trust Metaregistrar to collect your open invoices through a sleek and easily customizable process. 

The API to post your unpaid invoice is straigtforward and simple. For each step in the process our service can offer a callback to your systems to update status.

Premiums and Secondary market for domains

We offer premium domain names through our platform. You can request first the price before you register the premium domain.

We can also help you put your domain for sale. We can change the status of your domain in our system.

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