Government sites are required to adopt the highest standards. Metaregistrar tools support and enable the latest in website connectivity

Comply or explain

DNSSEC, DKIM, DMARC, IPv6, SPF, HSTS, these are some of the standards that government websites must adopt. And if not, they have to explain why.

No need to explain: Metaregistrar we know all standards and we will help you to make them work for your digital communication.


DNSSEC is the basis for secure websites, secure e-mails and encrypted communication. Our DNSSEC solution is hassle-free and just works.


Make sure the e-mail communication is secure, and make sure that your e-mails will arrive, and not be flagged as spam.


Encrypt the traffic that is sent over public internet lines, and make sure that nobody can analyze the traffic going in and out of your systems.

"Thanks for your efforts and patience with the FRL extension"

Martijn Ledegang

Provinsje fryslân

Governmental clients


With a unified registration process, DNSSEC, IPV6 support, IDN support, Metaregistrar is your ideal partner for domain name registration and maintenance


We are specialised in managing large portfolio’s. As an ICANN accredited registrar we register domains straight from the source.