Metaregistrar is specialized in servicing digital agencies and serves many agencies, bureaus and brands.

The pressures digital agencies endure are multifaceted and often daunting:


Dominance of larger agencies with resources that overshadow smaller agency capabilities.


Rapid technological evolution requires constant adoption and investment in new technologies.


Balancing scalability with consistent quality and client relationship management.

Empowering your agency with our tailored solutions.

We’ve held conversations with numerous small to mid-sized agencies like yours. What we discovered was enlightening—despite the diversity, the core challenges remain similar across the board. This insight has led to the creation of our innovative “Co-Creators” program, designed to address these specific hurdles head-on.

Enhanced AI Tools and Website Builder

Elevate your customer’s digital experience with our cutting-edge website builder. Our intuitive toolset harnesses the power of AI to seamlessly generate engaging content and beautiful images – streamlining the web development process. 

Free Migration

We can move domain names and websites for you at no cost, taking care of all the work, and conducting the migration at the most convenient time for you.

Direct Client

At Metaregistrar’s help desk, there’s no first line you have to battle through. Call us for assistance, and you’ll immediately speak with a technician or your dedicated account manager who understands your problem and can provide immediate support.

Always Up to Date

SPF, DMARC, or DKIM hold no secrets for us. We ensure that your customers’ emails actually arrive – and don’t end up in the spam box!

White-label and
Branded Solutions

All services from Metaregistrar can be white-labeled and branded – you can have your customers log in as if it were your own service. Do your customers want to manage their DNS themselves? No problem! Your customers, your solutions.

Unmatched Reliability

The services of Metaregistrar are doubly implemented in all aspects, and our ISO certification assures you that private data truly remains private.

Let's Collaborate!

Step into our Co-Creator Partnership. Join us as a Co-Creator, and help us shape a portfolio of innovative products and services that meet your needs. Together, we can turn these industry-wide challenges into your competitive advantage.

"... been customer since 2017. Support always has been fast and knowledgeable..."

Kees Klootwijk

Owner, Darestep

Meet Our Co-Creators