Abuse and complaint procedures


If a domain name under the control of Metaregistrar is used for abusive purposes, please direct your abuse report to abuse@metaregistrar.com. 

The report will be filed in our helpdesk system and immediate action will be taken. You will be notified of any action taken and of the resolution of the abuse report. You will receive a unique reference number by e-mail, which you can use when contacting our helpdesk about this issue.

Metaregistrar endorses the code of conduct “Notice and Takedown” from the Dutch government, and will process abuse reports in accordance with this code.

Complaint procedure

If you are unhappy with our service or support, please direct your complaint at ceo@metaregistrar.com. Please include a detailed description of the problem, your e-mail address and telephone number.

Your complaint will be handled by the managing director of Metaregistrar, who will contact you to discuss problem and resolution.