Metaregistrar manages large portfolio's of high ranking domain names for renowned brands.

Hassle-free portfolio management

Everybody wants to use your brand name, but how do you secure the domain names you already have? And how do you spot abusers of your brand name?

Metaregistrars team of expert personnel helps your brand to acquire domain names in even the most obscure of extensions.


Our control panel is secured with multi-factor authentication. Within one account, you can create multiple users with different access and domain management rights.


Anything possible with the control panel is also accessible via our standardized EPP API. Use the API to automate the processes of domain name registration and management


With 2 top-level domains under management, Metaregistrar can assist any brand with the acquisition of their own domain name extension

"Short lines and high quality characterizes Metaregistrar"

Frank van der Maaten



With a unified registration process, DNSSEC, IPV6 support, IDN support, Metaregistrar is your ideal partner for domain name registration and maintenance


We are specialised in managing large portfolio’s. As an ICANN accredited registrar we register domains straight from the source.